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Personalised Embroidered I'm the Flower Girl Wedding Day baby bib, add the Flower Girl's name along with wedding party details and the date.


The bibs are 100% cotton and double layered, they are available in plain white or white with pink rim, in both velcro and pullover styles.  There is also a small area velcro bib available which is more suitable for newborn/younger babies if you prefer, choose your selection from the dropdown boxes.


As standard they have baby pink and silver grey embroidery, you need to select the secondary colour from the selection above, the silver grey is the primary colour.  Styles available in the dropdown box.  Add the name of the Flower Girl in the box provided along with the Wedding Party as you want it to appear, ie Mummy & Daddy, Auntie Name & Uncle Name, there is a character limit, the longer the name the smaller the embroidery will be.  Please enter the date in the format you require.

Personalised I'm the Flower Girl Wedding Day Baby Toddler Bib

Secondary Colour
  • Machine washable, iron on reverse of embroidery.

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